The on-site solution for your dysphagia assessment needs

Our procedure works as follows:  

1. Facilities treating SLP, DOR, MD (any medical professional) identifies a patient is in need of a FEES.

2. An order is written by the treating physician for a FEES evaluation.

3. The SLP contacts Tri-State Imaging and Swallowing Solutions via call, text, or email and we'll be at your site within 24-48 hours.


  • Cell: 513-400-5981

• The report and images are left with you upon completion of the procedure to ensure the patient can receive a proper diagnosis quickly and effectively.

• An invoice will be left with your billing department upon completion of the exam for easy same day billing.

• Your facilities SLP is able to bill the 92526 dysphagia treatment code while assisting with the procedure, so there's no loss in productivity for the day.

Since FEES is within the SLP's scope of practice and is billed out as a therapy CPT code, it follows the Medicare Consolidated Billing Regulations.  

• The cost to a SNF in your area for a Part A patient to receive a MBSS (Modified Barium Swallow Study) is approximately $1,500  including radiology, speech therapy, barium, and transportation charges, all of which are subject to change with fair market value.   

• Removing the radiology charges and 20% of transportation for Part B, the SNF is still looking at approximately $900 in charges. 

• We charge a flat rate of approximately 1/4 of the above figures regardless of payor.

We come to your facility, perform the procedure at the bedside, and discuss the recommendations with the staff to ensure they're carried out at your facility.